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The Benefits of using a credit card USB

Credit Card USB South Africa - A creative branded item that is great to use as a unique marketing gift during times of promotion, these USB Card Flash Drives are lightweight memory sticks with a wide branding area and is thin enough to fit into your credit card holder or wallet.

A stunning full-colour flash drive, this is a clever way to create an eye-catching and creative marketing tool that can be used as a promotional tool.

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant creative gift:

  1. Full-colour, custom design on both sides
  2. Available in different sizes- 4GB standard
  3. Cost-effective promotional gift

A clever way of designing an eye-catching and purely unique business card, these are large enough to have your business details printed on the face while your digital portfolio can be stored on the USB itself- an all in one business card solution for the modern businessman or woman.

The USB Card Flash Drive is perfect for a cost-effective promotional gift that is sure to be used as much as possible.

Don’t miss out on the awesome custom USB, find out the Benefits of Using a Card Shaped USB. E-mail now to order your branded corporate gifts.  


Custom Memory Sticks South Africa

Custom Memory Sticks South Africa- If you are looking for a creative gift or promotional item, custom memory sticks are exactly what you need- A clever USB flash drive that can be made into any custom shape. Made from hardy silicone, the USBs themselves can be ordered in a range of sizes.


Custom USB Flash Drive

3 Reasons why this is a perfect branded USB

  1. Available in 2D or 3D model
  2. Sizes from 2GB to 32Gb
  3. Made from hardy silicone

Custom memory sticks are perfect creative items to give to clients. Eye catching and completely unique, these are everyday items that continuously market your brand. Whether mimicking your product or logo, these are colourful USB options that endlessly show off your creativity to your clients and staff.

A favourite everyday item for the office, these are sure to leave a lasting impression on staff and clients alike. Nothing less than a unique branding opportunity, these are memorable items that consistently market your brand with every use.

A popular USB option for food brands, often designed to look like their product, this is a clever way of showing off your product and brand while giving out a useful item.

To order your custom shaped memory sticks in South Africa, e-mail the branding professional at and get a quote right away.


Promotional Memory Sticks

Promotional Memory Sticks South Africa- A wonderful item to use on a daily basis, whether at the office or at home, a selection of promotional memory sticks allows you to give out useful branded items to clients and staff. Perfect for a stylish client gift or giveaway item, these stunning branded promotional memory sticks market your brand with every use, day after day.

BI Swivel USB Item Code: BISWIVEL

3 Reasons why this is an awesome USB option

  1. Standard 4GB size- larger can be ordered
  2. Includes free lanyard
  3. Metal swivel with elegant engraving

A brilliant corporate gift and one of our most popular branded USB options, these are perfectly professional, fitting in perfectly to the corporate world.

Swivel USB Promotional Memory Stick

With a stunningly engraved logo on the metal swivel and a plastic presentation case, these are wonderful corporate items that staff will love to use day after day.

A clever way to market your band with promotional memory sticks, you may have these USBs preloaded with information of your choosing, creating a complete marketing item that informs and educates prospective clients and customer about your brand.

Don’t miss out on the stylish and functional swivel USB, available across South Africa from Brand Innovation. E-mail now to order your branded USB.


Flash Drives for Conferences

Flash Drives for Conferences South Africa- A wonderfully cost-effective marketing tool that is needed in every office on a day to day basis, these eye-catching Flash Drives for Conferences make for entirely handy office items that can be used throughout the busy work week.

Card USB Memory Sticks for Conferences

Brilliant to when needing work on the go for a meeting or pitch, this is a vibrant, eye catching USB that can market your brand as the functional entity it is.

Credit Card USB Flash Drive
3 Reasons why this is an ideal branded item

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Full colour prints on both sides
  3. Sizes ranging from 2GB to 16GB

A wonderful way to spread your brand’s reaching a clever and unique way, these awesome Flash Drives for Conferences make for very popular promotional items that can be given out to clients or event students during promotional events or fundraisers.

A useful, cost-effective office item that comes in a range of sizes, this is perfect to give out at schools and universities. These USBs can even be preloaded with your business information or a portfolio to make connecting with clients that much easier. 

Don’t miss out on these Flash Drives for Conferences, e-mail now to order your specially branded goods.


Promotional Printed Memory Sticks

Promotional Printed Memory Sticks South Africa- A brilliant, modern and cost-effective way to give out useful branded items, the Promotional Printed Memory Sticks are a great way of giving out well-branded items that can be used at the office or at home, on a daily basis.

printed flash drives

3 Reasons why this is a fantastic promotional item

  1. Available in a range of sizes
  2. Stunning full-colour print
  3. Presented in a gift box

An item that comes in handy day after day, whether at work or school, a printed promotional memory stick is a cost –effective way to give out items to clients and staff that will ideally promote your brand.

Perfect for keeping documents safe and secure or giving them out to colleagues, these items come in handy every day of the week. With silver colour trim and a clear white body, these are good looking branded items that have a large area open for eye-catching branding.

Get your printed promotional memory sticks today, don’t miss out. Call us on 0861 111 954 or Email now. 



Bottle Opener USB

Bottle Opener USB South Africa- A simply awesome item for promotional branding and giveaway, ideal for a thoughtful staff gift, the Bottle Opener USB is a handy memory stick with a bottle opener on the other side- perfect for a refreshing drink after a long day at work or when relaxing over the weekend.


bottle opener USB

3 Reasons why this is a great promotional gift

  1. Elegant white laser engraving
  2. Standard 4GB- more sizes available
  3. Metal body and sleek design

A great way to give out cost-effective items as a gift to your corporate family, these can be used daily around the office or at home- although which end will be debatable. This is a brilliant way to store all your data and documents while also giving you a tool to use every time you need to take a break.

Great for at home, especially when taking some music for a party or dinner with friends, this lets you keep all your favourite songs close at hand while always ensuring you can get your beer open when you want it.

Don’t miss out on the awesome bottle opener USB, e-mail now to order your unique flash drives.


32GB Flash Drives

32GB Flash Drive South Africa- An ideal modern gift for any corporate environment, a large capacity, 32GB flash drive is a thoughtful, useful item that is sure to be used on a day to day basis around the office. A great little device to have branded, these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your every need.


Below are our top three USB flash drives that are available in 32GB. The Rotary Swivel USB is a great option as we keep stock of the 32GB in South Africa. The other two options we can supply 32GB, but the lead time is slightly longer as those need to be imported.

Our favourite and most popular 32GB flash drives:

3 reasons why this is a fantastic branded flash drive option:

  • This option is kept in stock in South Africa
  • Most popular flash drive at the moment
  • Metal swivel for stunning engraving

3 reasons why this is a fantastic branded flash drive option:

  • Easy to keep safe, strapping around your wrist
  • Unique and clever branded item with subtle branding on the USB
  • Comfortable to wear and durable

3 reasons why this is a fantastic branded flash drive option:

  • Can be made into any shape of size
  • Cost-effective and fully customisable
  • Made from durable silicone to last longer

For these unbelievable branded gifting item, be sure not to miss out. E-mail now.


USB Swivel Flash Drive - A Best Seller Worldwide!

USB Swivel Flash Drive South Africa- An item used every day, a certain must have in any corporate environment, the branded USB flash drive is a handy device that allows you store you personal data neatly away without worry of losing it.

printed swivel usb sticks

A stylish yet cost-effective USB option, the Swivel USB Flash Drive is a modern looking promotional item that is ideal as an office gift or even as a giveaway item. A very popular USB option with an awesome swivel cover, this USB comes in plain black with stunning engraving on the metal swivel section.

Swivel USB features:

  • The standard size a 4GB memory drive.
  • It is also available in 8GB and larger
  • Presented in a plastic case
  • Includes a free lanyard with USB attachment

This cost-effective promotional item can be printed on and engraved allowing you to select what type of style it reflects. With a black lanyard and a plastic presentation box, this is a wonderful branded gift for staff members especially. A useful item that comes in a wide range of capacities- from 4GB upwards- this is a good-looking corporate gift that is sure to be used as often as possible.

A clever way to market your brand through a useful marketing item, this is sure to be seen all around the office as a good USB comes in need on a day to day basis.
Don’t lose out on these amazing Swivel USBs, order yours today from


Bamboo Flash Drives in South Africa

Bamboo Flash Drive South Africa- A brilliant eco-friendly flash drive that perfect for showing off your environmentally aware brand culture, the Bamboo USB Flash Drive is an incredibly useful memory stick that allows for a perfect branded USB gift. With a fine wooden texture and a wonderful finish, this is a stunning branded gift that is sure to be a hit with clients.


Bamboo USB

This awesome device features:

  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo
  • Range of memory capacities (4GB standard size)
  • USB Dimensions: 6 x 2.7cm

A great giveaway item for promoting your sustainable business and business practices, this is a cost-effective way of showing off your brand ethos as well as your attitude towards social problems within the global village.

A useful item that comes in use every day, whether at the office or studying in university, this is a gifting item that is needed every day for personal data storage. An ideal technology gift that works wonders as a staff gift around the office, or even as a thoughtful giveaway item for clients, this is a subtly branded item that speaks volumes as to the attitude of your corporate entity.

branded bamboo usb flash drives

An effective and creative way to promote your brand through client interaction, this little USB has enough room for a clear logo or brand name to be printed. A great way to give your employees a stylish solution to data storage, this is a modern gift that is sure to be shown off as much as possible.
A stunning promotional item that sends out a positive message about your brand and its marketing efforts, this is a brilliant way to connect with those around you, aligning yourself with their interests and beliefs to achieve an effective marketing campaign.
Don’t miss out on these awesome Bamboo USBs, order yours from today!


Custom Flash Drives in South Africa

Custom Flash Drive South Africa- A great item for promotions that can be customised more than any other gifting option, the Custom USB Flash Drive is a fun and unique creative item that lets you give out an innovative and useful promotional gift in any shape or size. A brilliant gift option that can be used on a day to day basis around the office or university, this is a clever marketing item that is needed constantly.


Order now to prevent delays
Minimum order quantity: 200

Lead time: approximately 4 weeks

Custom USB Features:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Can be made into any shape you require
  • Available in various chip sizes: 2GB-32GB

A brilliant USB flash drive that is ideal for marketing your brand in a fun way, this is a great promotional product that gives you a cost-effective marketing too that can be perfectly suited to your corporate image or brand ethos. Whether giving to staff as an everyday office item, or as a giveaway promotional product at events, a well-designed USB flash drive is a highly useful item that makes for an effective marketing tool.

With countless ways to design this amazing marketing tool, it can be designed to mimic your product or logo, giving you a gift on par with your corporate atmosphere. A creative gift item that can clearly and efficiently promote your brand image, this durable USB option can be used for years to come. This is an ideal way to market your brand, creating meaningful interaction with clients in a functional way.

A marketing approach that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and staff members, this is a great creative custom gift for your brand

Don’t miss out on these amazing branded gifts, e-mail now to order.


USB Flash Drives as Marketing Products

USB Flash Drives as Marketing Products South Africa- The best item for an innovative corporate gift is without a doubt a creative USB option. With a vast range to choose from, available in all shapes and sizes, a branded USB flash drive is a clever promotional item that comes in handy on a daily basis around the office.


A clever item for giveaway promotions, the funky Keyes Memory Stick is a modern flash drive in the shape of a key, ideal for new beginnings or the end of a chapter. A great gift for a first time car or house owners, a stunning custom gift when engraved, this is an item that is sure to be seen on a regular basis. A clever way to market a brand in a functional way, a key USB makes for a handy corporate item that has endless applications within the office environment.

Another brilliant USB flash drive option, the USB Credit Card Flash Drive is a completely creative credit card sized USB that fits perfectly into your wallet or card holder. A brilliant way to keep important data close at hand, a USB option like this allows for a well-branded item with full colour prints on both sides.

credit card usb

A great giveaway item at events or around the office, this is a clever way to achieve effective marketing communication. This can also be used for a modern business card, allowing you to put all your information on the face while storing a digital portfolio on the USB itself.

Features of the awesome card USB:

  • Memory Capacity: Available in various sizes, most popular is 4GB
  • Size 88mm x 52mm
  • Includes leatherette pouch
  • FULL Colour print on both side

A completely customisable USB item, one that is perfect for a unique, creative gift for staff or clients, the Custom USB Flash Drive is an unbelievable item that can be made into any shape or size you could want. An innovative marketing product to say the least, these awesome silicone USBs can be made to look like your logo or even your product, a custom gift that clients will love to show off. This is the perfect item for a fresh and funky approach to corporate promotions.

The great Custom USB features:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Available in 2D or 3D model
  • Can be made into any shape you require
  • Available in various chip sizes: 2GB-32GB

To order these unbelievable marketing products now, e-mail today.


Best USB Flash Drive Supplier in South Africa

Best USB Flash Drive Supplier in South Africa- A USB flash drive is an entirely useful item in this faced paced, modern world. A way to keep important documents close at hand, visible and needed on a daily basis, this is an ideal item for branding that is sure to be seen on a regular basis. A promotional item that is effective and efficient, a branded USB Flash Drive is sure to be a much appreciated branded gift.


Our awesome USB drives:

With so many options, in many styles and in a variety of branding options, we have highlighted our three most popular choices for your branded USB solution.

Printed Swivel USB Drives

A great branding option when considering USBs as a corporate gift, the Swivel USB is a good-looking memory card option that is available in a range of capacities- the standard size being 4GB. With branding being either engraved or printed, this is a stylish gift that is spot on for the office environment. Professional and sleek looking, this is an ideal item for clients or staff, a fairly cost-effective branding option, giving you a stunning branded gift.

Swivel USB Features:

  • Range of memory capacities (4GB standard size)
  • Plastic case included
  • FREE lanyard
  • Engraving & colour print available


Key USB Flash Drive

Another amazing custom USB option, the Key USB is a well-designed, key-shaped flash drive that makes for a great, handy promotional gifting item. A perfect item for first time car or home owners, acting as a symbolic gesture rather than a marketing gift, this is a useful item that allows for a personal touch in client gifting. With allowance for engraving or colour printing, this is a sophisticated USB option that can be made to look business formal or weekend casual.

Features of the Key USB:

  • Range of memory capacities (4GB standard size)
  • Fits onto keyring with the rest of your keys
  • Includes plastic presentation case
  • Branding: engraving & colour printing


custom usb flash drives

Lastly, a USB option that gives you complete freedom of design, the Custom USB is a brilliant branded item from Brand Innovation. A durable silicone design that also allows for any custom shape or design, this is a unique marketing opportunity that is eye catching to say the least. Create an item perfectly suited to your brand, an efficient yet cost-effective marketing product that is sure to be used on a daily basis.

Features Custom USB:

  • Range of memory capacities
  • Can be made into any shape you want
  • Unique and creative branding opportunity


For these unbelievably awesome branded flash drives and unique corporate gifting options, e-mail now to get yours.



Bamboo Memory Stick

An Eco-friendly gift idea that is sure to stick in the minds of many, the Bamboo Memory Stick is a compact branded gift perfect for the working world. A brilliant way to show of the “eco-warrior” ethos of a brand, the bamboo USB is a product in line with the current culture of an environmentally friendly corporate world.


Bamboo Memory Sticks

Why Choose the Bamboo USB:

  • It is Eco-Friendly
  • Can be branded with a full colour print
  • Is presented in a classy black box
  • Very useful item that everyone can use

An ideal gift for businesses, this makes for quick and easy data storage that can be taken anywhere you may need it. A subtle yet effective way to show off the green side of your brand, this is a great promotional item for staff or events. With branding making it an efficient and worthwhile promotional gift, the bamboo USB fulfils a daily use, making it a meaningful and worthwhile corporate gifting option.

A great way to promote clean and sustainable living, while still marketing your brand to the masses, this is a thoughtful marketing item that clients are sure to love. An item that can be used day in and day out, the bamboo USB makes for a brilliant branded gift option.
For these and other amazing branded gifts, or to find out more about our selection of branded corporate items, e-mail us at


Silicone USB Wristbands in South Africa

Brand Innovation is a supplier of fun and colourful Silicone USB Wristbands in South Africa.
Features of the Silicone USB Wristband: (GADG-U67)


  • Memory: 4GB
  • Also available in sizes ranging from 1GB – 32GB
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50
  • Made out of soft, matte silicone
  • Similar to sports wristbands
  • Can be worn almost anywhere (on land!)
  • Easily branded with your logo, slogan or name

USB wristbands

Colours available:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Ask our staff for any other colours their might be

Contact us now to place your order – – and make sure to also check out our other USB flash drive options on Brand Innovation.

Why a USB ‘wristband’, you ask?

  • Constantly losing a normal USB during the day? This is a great way to keep it at your side with no worries of losing it or sitting on it.
  • The vibrant colours make it a cool and exciting promotional item.
  • It looks like a modern, sporty wristband and will most probably attract curiosity.
  • It does not look like a piece of technology and therefore it would be less likely forgotten in a computer somewhere.
  • It can be branded and when used by customers and clients the striking colour and modern style will attract the eyes of the public, which leads to awareness of your brand.
  • It is a practical promotional item. Data needs to be stored and carried around on a daily basis. Provide your clients with this gift while successfully promoting your brand.

This is a trendy way of promoting your brand, adding a creative aspect to your marketing campaign.
Brand Innovation would love to help you with your marketing needs in any way you desire. Feel free to contact us. We deliver to anywhere in South Africa, right to your door. Delivery is normally 7-10 days after deposit and artwork approval.


Awesome Credit Card USB’s

Do you want to give a top quality, branded USB flash drive as a corporate gift? Are you looking for a fresh and funky take on an ordinary USB flash drive? Then you need to look no further than what we have on offer: the utterly modern and fresh Credit Card USB flash drive!


This is a fantastic, quirky and super useful corporate gift. It looks like a credit card, but with a quick flip, it turns into a handy USB flash drive.

Credit Card USB with full colour branding

Why is this a great option when it comes to corporate gifting?:

  • Because of its functional shape and size, this USB flash drive is great to travel around with
  • It is super light and thin and can easily be kept – just like a real credit card – in a wallet, purse, handbag or even a business card holder
  • You can choose the memory capacity you want for this amazing USB flash drive. It is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 128MB to a super spacious, 16GB
  • Want to get your company’s name out there? This product will do the trick. The credit card USB also offers a lot of stunning branding space on the front and back of this product.
  • At Brand Innovation we brand these credit card USB’s with a full colour digital print on the front and back
  • To make this gift even more spectacular, we can pre-load this credit card USB with any data that you want – whether it’s a company biography, product list or proposal, we can upload it all for you. And the best news: we do this FREE OF CHARGE!

These credit card USB’s will definitely be used often and will make a funky, modern and memorable corporate gift!

What are you waiting for? Order these amazing credit card USB flash drives from us today!

Do you have any other questions? We are ready to help. Simply send us an email at:




The Cool Key USB

At Brand Innovation we are extremely proud of all the USB flash drives that we have on offer. All of them are high quality flash drives that are perfect for any company.

One USB that we have a specific adoration for is our wonderful Key USB flash drive. This USB flash drive is the ultimate in modern and clever design, and will without a doubt be a well appreciated corporate gift!


Our key USB flash drive is shaped just like a real key. It is a striking silver colour, and can be branded with your company’s name or details or your company logo. We can brand the key USB for you, by means of engraving in a beautiful white colour. We can also engrave this key USB on both sides of the product.

Cool Key Shaped USBKeu flash Drive

If you are still wondering WHY a key USB will make a fantastic corporate gift, here are some reasons as to why this key USB is absolutely adorable:

  • This is by far the easiest way to carry around a USB flash drive. Because of its awesome key shape, all you have to do is hook this flash drive onto your keys and voila! Your USB flash drive is always with you.
  • The key USB is a practical and useful corporate gift. It is also a very clever and modern design. Because of its design, it is sure to impress your clients and create a talking point. A talking pint about you and your company, that is!
  • The presentation of any gift is always important. Our key USB is presented in a cool plastic case, that will protect the product and make the gift look classy


Would you like to give your clients something more than just a USB flash drive? Why not pre-load data onto your key USB flash drive? This could be details of your company, proposals or pictures of your products. This is a great way to further your business and your relationship with your clients – and at Brand Innovation, we can do this for you absolutely FREE!

Our key USB flash drive is also greatly spacious. The standard capacity of our key USB is an awesome 8GB. Bigger size capacities are available on request.

Remember, at Brand Innovation we deliver throughout South Africa! 

Go on – give a gift that is useful, thoughtful and interesting. Our amazing key USB is exactly that!

To order these wonderful key USB’s, simply send us an email at:



Great Gift Idea: The USB Stylus Pen

Are you looking for a stunning corporate gift that will knock the socks off your clients? Do you want to give them something useful that they can use every day? At Brand Innovation we have the answer for you – our amazing, innovative 3-in-1 USB stylus pen!


This stylus pen is like a hub of useful items. It is made up of three, super useful items that is used in and around the office on a daily basis. They include:

  • A high quality ballpoint pen
  • A nicely sized, 4GB USB flash drive
  • A lovely touchscreen stylus made from soft rubber. The stylus works on iPads, tablets and any touchscreen phone

USB Stylus Pen

As you can see, all of these items are regularly used in an office. Even if your client leaves the office, this great gift will still come in handy.

Our USB stylus pen really is the easiest way to keep a host of super important and useful items at the ready. You can just imagine all the things you could get done in a simple, easy way by carrying this stylus pen with you:

  • Should you need to transfer data from one computer to the other, your spacious, 4GB USB flash drive is ready and waiting
  • Do you need to sign an important document? There is a high quality ballpoint pen right in your pocket
  • If you need to send an email from your iPad or smartphone, simply whip out your stylish stylus

This USB stylus pen will make an extremely useful corporate gift. But beside the fact that this stylus is sure to be enjoyed every day, it is also a beautiful, classy gift that will definitely leave a positive impression on your clients.

touch screen stylus pen

We brand these USB stylus pens with a stunning engraving of your company’s name or logo.

We are super excited about this amazing product and we are confident that your clients will also be excited and appreciative about a modern and innovative gift like this!

In our modern, techno-world it is paramount to have items such as flash drives, styluses and even traditional pens at the ready. By giving this pen as a corporate gift, you ensure that your clients use something with your name on every day.

We love this product – everything really is possible with this one, amazing stylus pen!


Credit Card USB's are great!

We are pleased to say that when our clients have ordered the credit card USB's they usually order again and again. The credit card USB, also called a business card USB, is really a useful marketing product.


Why order these?

  • Great value
  • Full colour branding on both sides
  • Can be used by all from a child, student, housewife to a business person.

CLICK HERE for your quote.

Credit Card USB with full colour branding



USB Pen with Stylus Suppliers South Africa

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of the USB Stylus Pens in South Africa. The USB pen with stylus is a very popular new corporate gift ideal. This is a very handy ballpoint pen, 4GB flash drive and soft rubber stylus in one.

To order your fantastic USB pen with stylus, please email us at

usb stylus pen

We are a USB Stylus pen supplier in South Africa. We deliver door to door throughout South Africa.


Why is a Key USB Flash Drive a cool corporate gift?

  1. It can fit onto your key ring with the rest of your keys.
  2.  People will always comment on your Key USB flash drive as it is something unique.
  3. Everyone always needs an extra USB flash drive.

Key USB Flash Drive Corporate Gift

Order your key USB flash drive now from Brand Innovation. Email us at or call us on 0861 111 954. We deliver door to door to whichever city or town in South Africa you are in.


White Memory Stick Special

We are a memory stick supplier in South Africa. Our great 2GB White Memory Stick is on special. These cost effective USB drive make fantastic corporate gifts and can be printed with your company name.

To order your memory sticks, please email us at We deliver door to door throughout South Africa.

White Memory Stick Sale


USB Flash Drives South Africa

We would like to thank all of our clients for your continued support during 2012. We greatly appreciate all of the business and look forward to being of assistance with all of your USB's in 2013.

We will be bringing in lots of great new stock of our most popular Swivel USB Flash Drive and the USB Pen.

For a quote on your USBs and flash drives, please email us at We deliver doot to doot, throughout South Africa.


BRAND NEW: USB Pen With Stylus

We supply these fantastic Stylus USB Pens in South Africa. We have a brand new USB Pen with a soft touch screen stylus available. This great stylus pen is a fantastic corporate gift and a must have for any technology enthusiasts. This USB pen has a silicone stylus that is perfect for touch screen devices like an iPad or cell phone. The stylus pen has a flash drive with a 4GB capacity. To order your great USB Stylus Pens please email us at

USB Pen with Stylus

We supply these fantastic new Stylus Pens throughout South Africa.


Key Flash Drive

We are a supplier of the Key flash drives in South Africa. The key sahped flash drive is a popular and creative new USB flash drive option. The key flash drive is a handy item that fits onto your keyring with the rest of your keys, ensuring that you always have it at hand and never lose it. We brand these key flash drives with an engraved or printed logo.


Key Flash Drive

To order your key flash drives in South Africa, please email us at


Card USB

We supply card USB drives through out South Africa. The card USB is a creative and innovative new way to market your business. These USB flash drives are shaped like a credit card and fit right into a wallet, purse or business card holder. The card USB has a large branding area and can be printed with an eye-catching, full colour print. The Card USB is available in various capacities ranging from 4GB to 16GB.


Card USB Drive South Africa

To order your card USB drives please email us at We look forward to supplying your with your card USB drives in South Africa.


USB Pen Suppliers South Africa

We are a USB Pen Suppliers South Africa - A USB Pen is a unique and useful corporate gift. The USB Pen is a ballpoint pen with a laserpointer at the end. The pen also twists open to reveal a USB Flash Drive. The USB Flash Drive is available in 4GB capacity and other sizes. The USB Pen is presented in a metal tin. This USB Flash Drive Pen can be engraved with your company logo.



USB Pens South Africa

To order your USB Pens please email us at We supply and deliver these USB Pens door to door to any address in South Africa.



Key USB suppliers South Africa - The Key USB is one of our most popular USB flash drives. This USB is shaped like a key and can even fit onto a split ring with th rest of your keys.

Because of it's unique design, the key USB is sure to grab your attention and is a great way to market your company. We engrave these flash drives with your company name and logo.


Key Shaped USB

To order your key USB drives please email us at

We look forward to assisting you with all your USB flash drive orders.


Credit Card USB

We supply Credit Card USB drives in South Africa - If you are looking for a great corporate gift that is functional and unique, the credit card USB is the perfect option. A USB flash drive is a very useful item that everyone uses and this unique and creative credit card USB is fascinating gift that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives it. The Credit Card USB fits perfectly into a wallet, business card holder and purse and can be taken anywhere.

The credit card USB provides you with ample space for branding, and can be printed with a beautiful full colour digital print.

Credit card usb flash drives south africa

We supply these fantastic credit card USBs throughout South Africa. We deliver door to door to any address in South Africa. To order your credit card USB please email us at


USB Memory Stick

USB Memory Stick suppliers in South Africa. The Swivel USB Memory Stick is our most popular corporate gift USB. This great memory stick has a swivel metal cover that is perfect for branding with an engraving or a print of your company logo. This memory stick is supplied in a plastic case with a lanyard.

To order your USB Memory Sticks please email us at


USB Memory Stick

Our great USB blog will keep you up to date with the latest trends, new gadgets and specials available from Brand Innovation.


USB Suppliers South Africa

We are a USB supplier in South Africa. We have a range of fantastic USB flash drives and memory sticks to choose from. We deliver your USBs door to door to any address in South Africa.


We supply good quality USB drives in a range of differenc size capacities. Please let us know what size USB you require.

A branded memory stick makes a fantastic corporate gift. We will brand these USB flash drives with a printed or engraved logo.

To order your USB flash drives please email us at and provide the following information;

- How many USBs do you need?
- Which USB option are you interested?
- What size USB do you require?
- Do you require branding?
- Do you have a required delivery date?
- Where do you required delivery?

We look forward to assisting you with all of your USB orders.


Bamboo USB Flash Drive

Eco Friendly USB and Bamboo USB Flash Drives in South Africa.

This fantastic eco friendly USB Flash Drive is made of Bamboo, the fastest growing wooden plant in the world. The Bamboo USB is an environmentally friendly flash drive option that makes a great corporate gift. Eco technology is a new and exciting development and these eco USB flash drives are sure to leave a lasting impression. We brand these bamboo flash drives with your company logo.


To order your Bamboo USB or Wooden USB Flash Drives please email us at

Eco Friendly USB Flash Drive


USB Pen Drive

We supply these unique USB pen drives in Johannesburg, Cape Town and throughout South Africa.

The USB laser pointer pen is a very popular corporate gift. This USB pen is available in various memory sizes, and 4GB is our most popular. The USB pen is a multi-function ballpoint pen, laser pointer and USB flash drive in one. We can brand these pens with your engraved company logo. The USB pen is presented in a metal tin gift box.

To order your USB pens please email us at We supply these USB pen drives throughout South Africa.


USB Pen Drive Flash Drive Pen

An engraved USB Pen makes a great corporate gift.

Engraved Pen with Flash Drive


Leather Style USB

We supply these great leather style USB drives in South Africa.

This USB Flash Drive has a very stylish and executive leather style cover. The Leather Style USB makes a great corporate gift for important clients and function. These USB drives can be branded with your company logo. The Leather style USB includes packaging and a lanyard.


To order your Leather USB drives please email us at

Leather USB South Africa



This fantastic new USB is a flash drive and touch screen stylus in one. Most new phones and tablets are touch screen and this handy soft point stylus is a great item to have. The Stylus USB drive is available in capacities of 4GB and 8GB. We can brand these great USBs with a printed or engraved logo. The Stylus USB is presented in a plastic case with a lanyard.


New Stylus USB Drive

Branded USB Flash Drives

Our fantastic 4GB Swivel USB Flash Drive is a great corporate gift idea. This USB drive comes with a handy lanyard and is presented in a plastic case. We brand these USB sticks with an engraved logo or a printed logo. Giving a USB flash drive as a corporate gift is great idea. Everytime your client uses their flashdrive your company name will be at the forefront of their mind.


Swivel USB Flash Drives Cape Town

Swivel USB

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